Life is like a puzzle

Life is like a puzzle By Sakina Hirschfelder Life can seem like a puzzle sometimes, but it is a very simple one (even though it may not always appear to be) containing a few key pieces amongst others. Granted, there are a lot of pieces that need to be put into place, but we are…


The Virtues of the Qur’an

From Tajweed rules for Qur’anic recitation: A beginner’s guide By Al-Qari Hafs Al-Gazzi Allah says: {Indeed those who recite the Book of Allah and establish the prayer, spending from what we have provided them, privately and openly, hoping for a commerce that will never perish. That He may pay them their wages in full and increase…


Are you a Book’s Best Friend?

We generally love to say that books are our best friends. However, a quick glimpse into history shows us how many individuals there have been, who considered themselves to be a book’s best friend. Here, we present some fascinating excerpts from “Civilization of Faith” by Dr. Mustafa as-Sibâ‘ee Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Mâlik al-Zayyat, the literary vizier,…


IIPH @ Sharjah Book Fair!

‘Sharjah book fair attracts quality crowd’ RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) will showcase its latest titles at the Sharjah International Book Fair this year. IIPH is a Riyadh-based company respected in the Muslim world for publishing Islamic knowledge in over 25 languages. “We’ve been at the Sharjah book fair for years…


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